Ukrainian Easter Eggs

A Tribute to the Ukrainian Easter Egg

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A Burning Desire to Create With Easter around the corner, our family is busy with our annual project: Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating. This craft brings us joy, calm, and focus,…

Scarlett: The Colours are Brighter

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Seeing Scarlett Colours Seem Brighter Through the Eyes of a Child   Recently, a reviewer of my new book “The Green Velvet Chair” described it as “a light read.” While…
Makin' the Dough

Makin’ the Dough

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It Starts with Passion, Craftmanship, and the Finest Ingredients It took me many years to appreciate that our annual ravioli-making family tradition was an art form. Like sculptures, music, and…
The Munster Mash

Munster Mash

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When Lillian Munster Gets Her Badass On     Yup, that’s me many years ago—giving my husband the evil-eye at a Halloween party. In my upcoming book, The Green Velvet Chair,…