Why Did I Write a Book?

I found my voice through my storytelling.

I wrote about what I knew.

I released the floodgates.

Being a shy, quiet introvert, I didn’t think my stories mattered. I joined an oral storytelling workshop and once I started telling stories, I realised I could make people laugh, make people cry, and make people think deeper. Perhaps I had stories worth telling after all.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Laura Ballerini is an accomplished artist who has been running a thriving design boutique for over 20 years and is the author of The Green Velvet Chair. A collection of stories depicting how art and design influence our lives through music, food, nature, and so much more. With over 40 years in the design industry, Laura sees the influence that art and design have in our daily lives. Through her unique creative lens, she shares personal stories that illustrate the countless ways art and design affect all of us. Laura has a degree in Visual Communications from The Alberta University of the Arts (formerly the Alberta College of Art), and recipient of numerous awards throughout her career. Her passion for continuous learning includes regular educational initiatives.

  • Laura stays on top of the newest trends in design and social media
  • Laura completed a number of Oral Storytelling Workshops
  • Laura has honed her writing skills through a variety of courses
  • Laura is a recipient of a Summit Creative Award, a Webby Award and others
  • Laura is an avid traveller visiting galleries around the world—learning about various cultures, their people, and their passions
  • Laura has been intrigued by the power of art and design since she was a very young child.

While she’s a quiet and introverted creative, Laura has recently found her inner badass and radiates her ‘quietly fierce’ disposition in her work and her life.

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The Influence of

01. Perspective

Things in life aren’t always obvious. Sometimes our perspective of a situation may skew our reality. Case in point: I watched our cat stare at closed blinds for hours and it constituted a study in a point of view.

The Influence of

02. Memories

Past, present and future experiences make us who we are. They mould and sculpt each of us and it is our reaction to these sensors that can inspire and motivate each of us. My mother inspired me and my father encouraged me.

The Influence of

03. Storytelling

Story is all around us, we just have to listen for them. My Oral Storytelling coach would instruct us to capture the ‘story moments’. I have learned to harvest these stories around me, everyday. We just have to listen and capture them.