While writing my first book, “The Green Velvet Chair” many life and business lessons were revealed. While the book centered around my creative journey, there were so many corporate parallels that came through as well. I want to share some of these in this series of posts, titled “Lessons from The Green Velvet Chair.”

Heartfelt stories written to inspire & embrace the exceptional creative core in each of us
If we are acutely aware of our surroundings, we discover that creativity is all around—teaching
and guiding us. We must recognize and nurture it, as it can profoundly touch all facets of our life.

In Chapter 13: “Seeing Scarlett,” it validated to me that colours seemed brighter through the eyes of a child. Years earlier, I had started my own company, BluBrown Communications, named after my daughters. One had blue eyes and one had brown. My concept was to see the world of design and communication through the eyes of a child—always asking “why?”

However, our first granddaughter, Scarlett, was born during the pandemic. The skies were grey and our once vibrant world was bleak. But as we spent more time with Scarlett, the blue of the sky became brighter. When spring arrived, we took her to the park—a park we hadn’t been to for twenty years—even though it was just down the street. We started to notice the blue jays and the green grass and the multi-coloured pebbles beneath our feet. All the colours and textures became visible again to us through the fresh eyes of a child. Even the ‘caws’ of the crows, and the musical clock we turned off years earlier elevated the sounds around us! And when the garbage man came into our cul-de-sac, we realized he was the superstar of the neighbourhood. Scarlett would run to the window and wave to him. He would stop, honk his horn, and wave back.

Through the fresh eyes of a child, our world was filled with bright colours, sounds and experiences.
And now we all wave to the garbage man as he enters our street! Life is full.

Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to rejuvenate our way of thinking. When it comes to communication and business storytelling, BluBrown comes to the table with a fresh set of eyes. We can help invigorate a tired brand. This is what we do best.
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If you are interested in reading “The Green Velvet Chair” it is AVAILABLE ON AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE

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Laura Ballerini, a designer who started much of her creative journey at a big city newspaper and now owns her own digital design boutique, seamlessly weaves together an unlikely array of stories about her inspiring mother, museum visits, online shopping, designing in the dirt, and many other adventures (including a visit to Graceland).

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